Sunday, June 6, 2010

Journal for 6/5/10...

Ok so I got up around 7:00am and watched TV for a few hours and drank some coffee, to help me wake up :) I then got on the computer so that I could send you my journal on time. I then got offline and worked on my chores for the day of sweeping, vaccuming, dusting, and washing the dishes from the night before. I then got back online for a bit and just messed around, then at about 5:00pm I decided I'd watch TV for a few hours before I decided to workout for 1 hour and 30 minutes on my Air Climber. I took a shower and checked my e-mails, then watched TV till about 11:30pm when I got on to check my e-mails before having to go to bed at Midnight like a good girl :)

I really think that my meeting you last Sunday helped get me back on track with behaving and showing you that I am serious about wanting a long term relationship with you :)

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