Saturday, August 10, 2013

Spanking questions I get that frustrate me!!!

"How hard do you want to be spanked?"
Really??? What kind of question is that??? It doesn't make sense to me since, spanking to me isn't about how hard it is, even when it is for discipline.

"What is discipline spanking?"
Really??? What kind of question is that??? It should make sense if you were spanked growing up or had friends that were spanked growing up *rolls eyes* 

"What do I get from spanking you if there isn't anything sexual favors from you?"
Really??? Why do you want me to give you something sexual when we agreed on you just spanking me for fun, stress relief, or spanking, and you know from talking to me that I have a boyfriend and am NOT looking for sex. All you get is the fact that you are helping me relax or have fun or learn from a mistake. Shouldn't that be enough???

"Who spanked you? What did they use? Why were you spanked?"
Really??? It isn't your business since you don't know the same people as I do. I don't always remember what was used during a spanking because I am having fun talking and giggling with the Spanker or trying to distress or trying to learn a lesson from a mistake. It depends on what I am looking for at the time. 

I have more, but can't think of them right of hand, so this is it for now!!!

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