Monday, January 26, 2015

What are your thoughts on this?

If you had your play partner/friend/roommate/family member tell you at 10:00 pm, that they were going to go outside to smoke a cigarette, and then then weren't back inside when they usually are after smoking a cigarette and by 11:00 pm, you go outside to check and see if they are outside somewhere and can't find them, so you come inside and look the door and go back to work on what you were doing, wondering where they ran off to, because they only told you they were going to smoke.

Mind you, this person, doesn't have a cell phone so you can't call them and find out where they were, then just before 1:00 am they call you and text you a few times from a strange number and tell you they are headed back home.

Keep in mind, that this person is an adult and new to the lifestyle/curious about the lifestyle.

What would you do?
What would you tell them, when they come in and tell you that they met with a random person that they haven't talked to very long?

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