Friday, May 18, 2012

Update on Gallbladder Surgery today

My boyfriend was told by the doctor after my surgery that my gallbladder had scarring on it due to the inflamation and stilcking to other organs, so that was most likely the cause of my pain for the last year.
Guess I will find out in a week or two from the sounds of things while I recover from my surgery.

Also, am not allowed to have sex for a week and not allowed to lift anything for 4 weeks. I also have to stay away from fatty and spicy foods for awhile.

I also, have great caretakers right now and will be going back to my doctor for a follow up appointment on May 31, 2012!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Little sister drama *sighs*

Well, Friday my boyfriend and I went to visit a friend in Greensboro, NC for the night and we went to the theathers to see "The Avengers" at 3:35pm in Greensboro, NC, we saw it in 2D, but I think it would have been better to see in 3D. Anyways, we left our friends place at about 7:30pm and got to our place at around 9:30pm, when we found out that my little sister Tara and her boyfriend Josh hadn't cleaned up from Friday morning when they got sick.

So, we contacted a friend and went to their place which is about 30 minutes from where we live and we told my litte sister and her boyfriend that we weren't sure when we would be back home or what so we told them to find another place to crash for the night, yet what they did was a couple hours after that went to the store to get what they said was $70 in frozen food and continued to bitch at MY boyfriend and disrespect him, while sucking up to me and trying to get on my good side, even though they don't help out at my place and they were only supposed to stay with me for 30 days and have been with me about 4 months now, which in turn has prevented my boyfriend and I from moving to the coast like we have planned *sighs*

Well, long story short, we got home about 5:00am after we played car tag with them for about an hour because we didn't want to go home right away, and mind you they hardly ever come in at a decent hour *sighs* So, ends up they started sucking up to us and apologizing some and got worried that we were going to kick them out that night and make them sleep in their car, which we were tempted to do, but we let them come in and put their groceries away and go to bed, because come Wednesday, May 9, 2012, they are most likely going to be locked up for some crap the last month or two.

My boyfriend woke me up about 9:30am today to tell me that he was going to go out and get a flapper thingy for the toliet and just get out of the house for a bit, but I got up and he let me shower and go with him, because I didn't want him to leave me at the house because I knew after last night that he needed to have some good attention from someone after being bitched at and disrespected most of the night and not getting any sleep :( Also, I am in a sour mood to where I need my boyfriends attention because I got disrespected just before we got home and just feel like it was all my falut because of the drama last night and disrespect he got :( Also, I feel like a bad sister because ... ugh... :( I can't be on my sister's side because she started it, but I still love her even though she is trying to push me away more I still love her and care about her *sighs*

I am to the point today where I just want to sit down in a tiny ball next to my boyfriend and cuddle and cry and self injure, but I can't do that because that won't solve anything *sighs*