Monday, September 16, 2013

New Story - "Paddling at school, earns you another one at home!"

\I was just getting into the door from a long day at school, when not two seconds after I got the door shut, my Dad started in on scolding me. I could tell he was upset as he,  got up from his chair and walked over to me, barely giving me a chance to sit down my book bag, when he scolded me, while having a hold of my upper arm at this time, and now beginning to land a good couple of swats to my jean covered bottom, “I just got off the phone with your school principal. She told me you had a visit with her because you acted up in a class and wouldn’t settle down when the teacher gave you not one, but THREE,” my Daddy made sure to punctuate the word three with even harder swats to my bottom and continue the scolding as we were now at his chair, and he was sitting down, taking ahold of my wrist and pulling me over his lap, for a good old fashioned hand spanking first, before he continued with the hand spanking and scolding, “warnings, to settle down, before she sent you to the principal for a paddling,” he quit scolding for a few minutes to concentrate on finishing the hand spanking over my jeans, “Stand up, we are going to get these jeans out of the way, so I can continue  with the lesson on reminding my little girl what happens when she comes home from school after getting a paddling from the principal,” I blushed at this point.
I didn’t like when my Daddy scolded like, this because I felt less like an eighteen year old and more and more like a naughty eight year old. Before I realized it, my Daddy, had my jeans at my knees, and was in the process of taking me back over his lap, to continue the spanking and scolding.
“Now why is it this is the SECOND,” two hard swats landed on my panty covered bottom, “time, we have to have a discussion about what happens when you come home from getting paddled at school, over your behavior?”
I was squirming and trying to take my spanking like a big girl, because I wanted to try and show my Daddy he didn’t need to use spankings on me anymore, but as I was doing this, it made me not realize I was just asked a question and that upset my Dad and made him concentrate the next few hard swats to my sit spots, before he stopped and rested his hands on my back, “Since you don’t want to answer my question, just yet, guess that means, it is time for your panties to come down, so that my hand can concentrate more with my little girls naughty school paddled backside, “ I blushed and yelped, “No Daddyyyy,” I protested and threw my hand back to block, but was only rewarded with it being moved back out of the way and being told, “Don’t block again, or I will restrain your hand so you can’t interview with my teaching your naughty bottom a good old fashioned lesson, is that understood?” A couple hard swats landed on my sit spots, and I squeaked out a, “Yes Sir.” Then my Daddy concentrated on spanking my now bare bottom, without saying a word, because he wanted to get my attention a bit more with his hand, before he would continue with another implement, which I was sure would be his paddle, because I had earned myself a paddling at school today, but right then I didn’t want to worry about that too much, because my mind was trying to concentrate on not interfering with blocking my Daddy’s hand, from my unprotected bottom.
It had to be about another three minutes of hand spanking on my bare bottom, before my Daddy stopped, and helped me to my feet, pointing to the empty corner in the living room, “Go stand there for a few minutes and think about why you got paddled at school for acting up in class and why you are about to get a good old fashioned bare bottom paddling from your Daddy as well, is that understood?” I stood there for a second letting what my Dad just said, register and also trying to compose myself and keep my hands from rubbing out the start of a fire in my bottom over the paddling I got at school a couple hours before.
I just nodded before trying to walk to the corner I was to stand in, but I didn’t get, but halfway,  before I was stopped, and given a few more swats, “You didn’t answer me, do you understand what you are to think about while standing in the corner, little girl?” He peppered my bottom with his hand as we stood in the middle of the living room and he waited for my answer, I couldn’t find my voice right away, because I was too shocked at the unexpected spanking in the middle of the living room, while I was supposed to be standing in the corner, right then.
I guess my still not answering him, got him a bit upset and made him realize he was going to have to get me to answer, by giving my bottom a little more attention, so he continued to stand there and pepper my naughty bare bottom with hand swats, as he began scolding me again, “I can keep this up all night little girl, waiting for you to answer my questions, when I ask them, however, I can see I need to pay a bit more attention to your naughty bottom, so since you don’t want understand what you need to think about in the corner just yet, we will continue this lesson, with a good taste of my leather belt on your bottom,” I was squirming and whining, by this point, but didn’t realize once again what was going on, till I found myself being turned around and having a chair placed in front of me, “Place your hands on the seat of the chair and don’t move them, while I give your naughty bottom a lesson with my belt, to help let you know when I ask you a question you are to answer it.”
I whined, but did as told, and closed my eyes as I heard my Daddy sliding the belt out of his jeans, heard him folding it, and then CRACK, to get my attention and let me know he was going to give me a good dose of his belt on my backside.
I just stood there as the swats from my Daddy’s belt began to fall over and over and over again. He didn’t speak, because he knew the belt was doing that for him this time. He knew he only had to strap me long enough to get me to finally, break position, and then promise I would be good and that I understood what I had to think about in the corner and that I would answer his questions from now on during the spanking.
It took a good three or four minutes to get me to my breaking point, but once it came this time, he helped me back into position, for another couple of swats, before he put his belt back on, “Go stand in the corner, until I feel like it is time to continue our discussion,” with that I hobbled over to the corner and whispered a quite, “Yes Sir.”
I stood there for awhile I know, because I had time to calm down and my bottom felt cooler, but I was sure it was still red and if you felt it would be warm, but I didn’t dare try and rub my bottom just yet, because I knew when I was in the corner, my Dad was never far away and could come swat my bottom anytime he felt it needed it. Mainly I earned swats to my bottom if I was talking, moving around and trying to see where and what my Dad was doing, or the one that got me into the most trouble while having corner time was rubbing my bottom. I couldn’t help it though, because my Dad always made sure my bottom was on fire and throbbing before he sent me to the corner to think about my punishment and my hands tended to wonder to my bottom and try and rub out the fire, my Daddy would start, but when those times happened, I never heard my Daddy come up behind me, till my hands were moved and my Daddy’s hands were swatting my  bottom and I heard the famous scolding for rubbing my bottom in the corner, “So, I see you are trying to rub out the fire I lit in that naughty backside of yours, eh? I think not, I am going to relight it again right now, and you will then stand with your hands on your head and let this fire in your backside stay lit, till I feel it is time for me to continue with your butt blistering so you don’t sit comfortably for a good week,” with that, he would quit the hand swats, and then place my hands on my head and swat my sit spots a couple times, before walking away for awhile, still never being far away and not having his eyes off of me.
Luckily I didn’t have that happen this time, however when I was finally called from the corner and I turned around to see what was going to be next and what position I would be in for the next part, I was mortified and ready to begin begging him that I learned my lesson, because I didn’t like paddlings, and that was what my bottom was going to be feeling next.
“Come here, and lay down on your back on the footstool,” I blinked as my Daddy sat in a kitchen chair, with the paddle not far from his reach, “Wait what…,” I started to ask, but was cut off promptly, “I said come lay down on your back on this footstool, little girl, don’t make me tell you again, is that understood?” I nodded and whispered, “Yes Sir,” then walked over to where I was supposed to be and lay down on my back on the footstool, confused as to how he was going to paddle me this way, but that confusion didn’t last long as I heard, “Let’s get your legs up and out of the way,” as he spoke, he was helping me lift them, and then kept a hold of them to help keep them up and out of the way, “You are to help me out be holding your hands around the backs of your knees,” I blushed and realized I was feeling much younger then my eighteen years as I did as told, but not without stating, “This is embarrassing Daddy, why do you have me like this?”  
My Dad laughed for a moment as he picked up the paddle and held it for a few moments to answer my question, “Well that is good to hear, because your behavior at school today embarrassed me as well, and you are in the diaper position, right now, to help show you that when you act like a little girl, you will be punished like one as well.”
With that said and done, it wasn’t but a couple seconds later and I felt the evil bite from the paddle on my bare bottom, which just made me yelp and squirm, just like it was intended to, it got my attention and got me feeling like a little girl. My Daddy continued to paddle my bottom in silence, however I kept yelping and squirming and then cried out, “Pleassseeee stop Daddyyyy,” but the only response I got was more swats with the paddle, and more silence, he was making sure to cover every inch of my bottom and sit spots and upper thighs as well, because they were all perfectly exposed to show him, just how naughty his daughter was for acting up in class and getting a paddling at school.
“I’ll be good,” I chocked out, between yelps and squirms, this time I was meant with a reply besides just the swats from the paddle, “Oh I know you will after I paddle your naughty bottom. You want to act out in school and embarrass me with your behavior?” He continued to pepper my bottom, he didn’t even give me a chance to answer as he continued the scolding, “I am going to make sure that the paddling you got at school today felt like a walk in the park, especially since I know it was over your jeans and only six little swats,” the paddle continued its lesson to my bottom as well, while my Daddy scolded me, “I can’t believe at eighteen you are even getting paddlings at school, since you try and tell me all the time you are too old for spankings,” swat after swat landed, as I yelped and squirmed, “Come to find out I know that can’t be true, because the only time I hear that line is when you know you are about to get your bottom blistered for acting up, is that not right, little girl” More swats landed, but this time I was to answer and all I could do was cry out, “Yes Sirrrr, pleassssse nooo moreeee,” he didn’t listen though, because he wanted to make sure he was making an impression on me and he sure was, but as far as he was concerned, my bottom wasn’t nearly as sorry as it was going to be when he was finished, because he was going to make sure I was one sorry little girl, that wasn’t about to have another call home to him saying I had been paddled at school.
“We are far from over, your bottom isn’t nearly as sorry as you think it is,” more swats landed with that evil paddle, “Your going to be one sorry little girl when I’m finished with you,” more swats landed, all over my bottom, sit spots, and upper thighs, “Are you even sorry for what you did today in class?” A good two swats landed, then he stopped long enough to let me answer, I was crying and choked out, “Yes Sirrr…,” before I felt the paddle lash into my naughty upturned bottom again, “Are you just saying that so I stop paddling you?” A couple more swats landed before they stopped and I got to choke out a, “Noooo Sirrrr,” a few more swats landed, before, my feet were let down and I was helped onto my feet and taken over to the corner, with my well spanked bottom on display for all to see as I stood there and tried to calm down and not rub out the fire that was lit all over again in my bottom. It was a struggle, but I pulled it off and was almost calmed down, before I was taken out of the corner and taken straight over to where my Daddy’s chair was, he  took a seat again, then pulled me over one knee, to where I was straddled over it, so he had perfect access to my bare bottom, so he could once again give me a hand spanking, but this time it was to drive the lesson home, so it was going to be a very thorough one,  to where I was kicking and crying and begging for it to end long before it actually would. My Daddy was known to make sure the last over the knee hand spanking he gave during a punishment was to wore out a naughty bottom more so, then it already was, because naughty little girls, needed to have a wore out blistered backside to sit on for the next few days to a week to remind them to behave or else Daddy would wear out their backsides all over again.
Today was going to be no different, “Now it is time to make sure your bottom is really wore out little girl,” he began spanking with his hand, “Your bottom isn’t  going to want to have another visit with Daddy anytime soon after this is over, nor will your bottom want another visit with your principals paddle,” he went quite and really laid into punishing my bottom, to drive home the lesson. Once I wasn’t squirming or talking anymore, and I was pretty much laying there limp over his knee, is when he stopped, he let me lay there for a few moments, before helping me up and sitting me on his knee, to give me a hug, “Your foregiven now, but don’t let us have a repeat of this anytime soon. Is that understood?” I nodded my head, unable to speak. He let me cuddle for a few more seconds, before he helped me up and placed me into the corner for a good fifteen minutes to finish off my punishment.
Once out of the corner, I headed to my room, still bare bottomed, and callasped onto my bed and dozed off, for the night, on my tummy, with my hands on my bare bottom, to try and rub out the fire that was still in it, since my Daddy wore my bottom out with a butt blistering I wasn’t going to soon forget.


  1. Postscript: The next morning, as dear ole Dad sat at the kitchen table, sipping coffee and reading the newspaper, the Girl crept up unobserved behind him. The baseball bat came down fast and hard with a vengeance. His right shoulder joint was instantly smashed. As Dad wirled around to face his tormentor, the bat caught him on the left side of his jaw, shattering it. He fell to the floor, moaning in pain. The Girl looked down at him and, in an cold, venomous voice said, "If you ever hit me again, I will kill you!"