Thursday, September 12, 2013

New Story - "Dear Diary"

Dear Diary,

I’m writing to you laying on my tummy, with my panties and PJ bottoms off and my sore red bottom on display because I was a naughty little girl again this week. You are probably asking yourself what I did to get a spanking again this week from my Daddy after the butt blistering I got two weeks ago for my tantrum and swearing at him, all because I didn’t want to do my Saturday chores, right? Well, it is really simple, since today is Friday and my Daddy goes into work two hours before I have to get up and get ready for school and jump on the bus.

I decided to skip school today, because I knew for a fact that I wouldn’t get caught since, it is Friday and my Daddy never gets home till 6:00pm for dinner.

Anyways, here is how it all went down to me finding myself on my tummy right now with a sore bottom, that I know I won’t be sitting on comfortably for another week.

I didn’t set my alarm last night for school, because I wanted to sleep in as late as I could, so I didn’t find myself up and about till, 9:00am, then made myself a bowl of cereal and flipped on the cartoons on TV and just snuggled up in my PJ’s and a blanket and pillow for a couple hours, till I got up and got my laptop and a vibrator, that I bought a couple months ago, after spending the night with my friend. I kept it hidden in my dresser, until this afternoon, when I was watching video of my favorite band, and then began playing with it on my clit. I was so involved with what I was doing that I didn’t even hear the front door open and then feel my Daddy’s eyes on me as I was in the living room and the front door is so close by. I was facing the opposite way to see if the door was opening or not. I was in the process of cumming from playing with my vibrator on my clit, when my Daddy’s hand grabbed ahold of my upper right arm and stood me to a standing position, with the vibrator still on, and in my right hand, and my panties and PJ bottoms at my ankles now rather then my knees, where I had them positioned.

Before he had me face him, he landed a hard swat with his hand on my bare bottom on both cheeks, then spun me around to face him, and took the vibrator from me, shutting it off, he then scolded, “What in the hell do you think you are doing home on a school day for one? Not to mention doing something that ADULTS do and NOT little girls,” he paused waiting for my answer and all I could do was swallow a lump in my throat and look at the floor, rather then at my Daddy, because I knew from the two swats to my bottom, I was in deep trouble.

“Well, young lady, what do you have to say for yourself?” I still kept quite and didn’t say anything till, he bent me over the arm of his chair and I heard, “Stay just like that and don’t even think about going anywhere, little girl,” next thing I knew his belt was off and being doubled over and he cracked it, which made me jump and place my hands over my bottom to protect it from the belting that was about to come.

He moved my hands, “Oh no, little girl, you earned this strapping,” next thing I know the belt landed on my unprotected bottom, “You don’t want to answer my questions about why you are home on a school day and doing adult things, with stuff you shouldn’t own at your age,” the belt landed a few more times while he was saying this and still an extra couple times, all the while I’m trying my best to stay in position, “Daddy, pleassseee stop, I can tell you what happened, pleaseeee just stop,” I threw my hands back to protect my bottom then, knowing there was a risk of them being hit, but yet, not caring all because I wanted to explain myself and tell him that I was an adult and allowed to stay home from school whenever I wanted to, so I worked on trying to stand up or slide to the floor and hide my bottom from the belt as best I could.

However, that just earned me more scolding and having the belt dropped on the floor and my Daddy holding me upper arm again, to take control over his naughty little girl, that was in the works of throwing a tantrum like a five year old, so he was going to show me what, happens to naughty sixteen year olds, that threw tantrums during the beginning of punishments, he took his place in his chair and put me over his lap, in no time, then began to give me a good hand spanking on my bare bottom.

“This is what happens to naughty little girls, that try playing like adults at home, when they are supposed to be in school learning,” the swats kept coming with his hand and making me feel like I was a little five year old again, because of his scolding to go with it and let me know exactly where I messed up and how well it would be dealt with by him, right then and there, “But no, my little girl isn’t doing what she is supposed to be doing in school, when I come home for lunch today, so I have to give her a lesson myself, don’t I, little girl?”

I was trying not to cry and all I could do was beg, “Please Daddy, I will be a good girl again,” in the place of answering him, because I wasn’t sorry for what I had down yet or learning my lesson yet, I just wanted to free myself from a spanking from my Daddy.

He kept spanking with his hand, “That answer just proves to me that you need to be taken down again and disciplined like the naughty little girl you are, so we are going to do just that, then you will be restricted to your room, for the night.”

It felt like ages before he stopped the last scolding, but was probably about two or three more minutes, before I felt myself being stood up and seeing that I was now in the corner, “Your going to stand here and think about why your in the corner, with a sore bottom, while you should be in school learning. Don’t you dare move from the corner, or we will begin all over, do you understand, little girl?” I nodded and wiped my face as, I felt two sharp swats to  my bottom, “I didn’t hear that, do you understand, little girl?”

I whimpered, and let out a weak, “Yes Daddy.”

He then walked off and out of the room, I heard him on the phone, with what I assumed was his work to let them know he wouldn’t be back to work. However, before he got back in the living room, where I was standing in the corner, I got out of the corner, to get my panties and PJ bottoms, because I wasn’t going to let him finish spanking me, like a little girl. I was sixteen and felt like I should be able to talk to him rather then be spanked like a five year old.

However, before I could get my panties and PJ bottoms on, he came into the room with a cane and a paddle, but as he picked up his belt off the floor, he realized I wasn’t standing in the corner, where he left me, and that’s when things went even more downhill for me and my bottom, because he took me by my upper arm again, and this time without a word said, he escorted me bare bottomed on display with a swat from his hand as we walked, into the kitchen, next to the sink, where he picked up a bar of soap and ordered, “Open,” I shook my head ‘no’, and felt two sharp swats land on my bare bottom then, “Open your mouth, we are going to wash it out since, you want to add lying to me onto your list of punishments today.”

I relectually opened my mouth and let him slide that EVIL soap in, and tried my best not to gag or spit it out, as he bent me over the sink and used a paddle on my bottom  all the while scolding, “You lied to me too, so now your getting a mouth soaping and a good paddling to teach you that lying to me, isn’t in your best intrest.” He continued for a couple minutes, before he took the soap out and allowed me to rinse once, before he escorted me back into the living room and bent me over , “Place your hands in the seat of this chair and don’t you dare move them, do you understand?’ I nodded and whispered a very quite “Yes Daddy.”

Not even two seconds after I got out my answer, he began paddling my bare bottom, not letting up even, when I had lifted my hand off the chair to block after the third swat, he stopped long enough to  move my hand, “Put it back on the chair or we will start over,” I whined and placed my hand back on the chair, not wanting this paddling to start over, but after another three swats, I moved out of position and squatted down, so that my bottom was as close to the floor as possible. I wasn’t sure of his reaction, till I felt him take ahold of my upper arm and help me to standing, “Looks like we are going to have to start over, but this time, we will have you laying over the footstool, so you can’t get out of position,” and with that, he helped me bend down over the footstool after, he moved it closer to his chair, he then got me into position, before he sat down, and began the paddling all over again and this time the best I could do was kick my feet up and try to get them into the way or try and throw my hands back to block, only to have them held by my Daddy’s free hand, while he dished out the full fifteen swats to my bottom and by this time I was crying and despritaly wanted to cover my bottom, but nope that wasn’t going to happen as I felt myself being lifted to standing and then escorted over to the empty corner once again, with a swat to my bottom eachtime we took a step, this time with his hand, and it was to keep me moving, because I was known to stop and try and get a hug or push away to try and run to my room to hide, by this point. So, my Daddy got into the habit of keeping me in line at this point in the punishments, by escorting me with a grip on my upper arm and swats to my punished backside, that was still going to be punished after I had a few minutes in the corner to calm down and let my bottom cool off long enough to take the next part of the punishment I had earned myself.

I am not sure how long I stood in that corner, but this time I didn’t dare move from it because I knew my Daddy was not far away. As I stood there, I rested my head on my hands on the wall and tried to keep them from rubbing my bottom, because if I was caught rubbing, I would have to stand there longer as well as have a volley of extra hard hand swats to my punished backside as I stood in the corner and then my Daddy would place both of my hands on my head, and order me to keep them there or else I would find myself back over his knee like a little girl, for another dose of a good old fashioned hand spanking, then be placed right back into the corner, with my hands on my head right away, while he watched me again, for however long he kept me in the corner during punishments.

I was pretty much calmed down, when I was taken by the upper arm, and led with a hard hand swat, with each swat, we took from the living room, down the hallway, and into his room, where he had a mountain of pillows on the bed for me to lay my hips over and have my bottom up in the air at just the right highiet for a good old fashioned strapping from Daddy’s belt.

“Get in position, you know the drill, young lady.”

I stood there and hesitated, my bare bottom still facing my Daddy as I begged, “Pleasseee, not your belt Daddyyyy, I will…,” I was cut off as I was pushed to a laying position on the edge of the bed, while my Daddy landed a few good number of swats to my upturned bottom, “Look little girl, we can continue this all night, but I know your bottom will wear out long before I do,” all the while he was spanking me with his hand, to keep me from going back to my sixteen years, and making sure I stayed feeling like that of a five year old, especially with the scolding I got next as he put me over his lap and then continued the very through hand spanking until I finally brokedown to the point that he knew I was ready to take the belting without a fight, “You want to act like a two year old and try and beg and talk your way out of stuff, that isn’t happening, you are just going to wind up back over my knee for a good old fashioned hand spanking, just like what you would get if you were five again,” he kept spanking for another good two minutes, before he stopped and stood me up, he looked me in the eyes and asked as I tried my best to stare at the floor, “Do I need to put you back over my knee, and the wooden spoon on you or are you going to get over these pillows for the strapping you have earned yourself today?”

I pointed to the pillows, he nodded and stood up, moving out of the way for me to get into position, he then picked up his belt, doubled it over, and cracked it, making me jump, because that was the cue, that my naughty bottom, was going to get a good taste of my Daddy’s belt, which was only used for severe punishments.

All I could hear were the swishes and then cracks as my Daddy’s belt landed over and over onto my bare bottom. He literally made sure to wear my bottom out with his belt, to teach me a good lesson.

Once he was finished and I was a crying mess, I was helped to a standing position, he then, escorted me, back out of his room, down the hallway, and back into the empty living room corner, with a good grip on my upper arm and swats with his hand each step we took to that corner, once there, my hands were placed on my head, “Don’t move, or you will go back over my knee, is that understood young lady?” All I could do was nod, because I couldn’t find my voice.

As I was standing there, I heard the TV go off and my Daddy sit down not far behind me and felt his eyes on me as I stood there, for gosh knows how long.

Once I was let out after a good fifteen minutes, all I heard was, “Come here little girl,” I turned around to face my Daddy and then walk over to him, by this time he was standing up near his chair, “You aren’t getting the vibrator back, that is going in the trash can, which I will be doing, to make sure it gets taken care off. As for what you missed in school today, to make up for that, you are going to write lines for me, that read, ‘I will not skip school and play like an adult, because Daddy will wear my ass out more then he did today!’ You are to write that 1000 times, I expect it to be done before you go to bed tonight, meaning you are grounded to your room UNLESS you NEED to use the bathroom or get a drink or some food. Is that understood, young lady?”

I nodded and whispered, “Yes Daddy.”

“Good, now go get started on your assignment.”

I nodded and whispered, “Yes Daddy,” then disapperead down the haillway, to my room, closing the door as I then layed on my bed and pulled out you to write about my day in. My panties and PJ bottoms are still on the living room floor as a reminder that I was a bad girl today.

When will I learn? Hopefully I’ll learn after I knock out these lines for my Daddy.

Talk to you soon, but hopefully it will be with my sitting again to talk to you rather than on my tummy, with my red sore bottom on display.

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