Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Journal for 2/8/10

Well, I got up and talked to you for about 30 minutes, before you told me to go do what I needed to for the day and be back on at 10am. So, I went to shower and wash some dishes from the night before, then came and got back online and I wasn't totally ready so you gave me swats to my back for not being ready on time, then you had me use the belt for 10 minutes and the spoon for another 10 minutes, even though I got more time with the spoon because you lost signal. You did get me to start to cry from the spanking you gave me, which I actually needed in a weird way.

Then you sent me off to my room till Noon and I thought about why you spanked me for my stealing and how it really was stupid of me to do. At Noon you talked to me again for about 30 minutes, before you had to go and put Ryder down for a nap and try to study and clean house some.

After I got off the computer with you, I got my bathroom cleaned up again (my cat likes to mess it up *rolls eyes*) and then I read my book for awhile, before I decided that I was tired of reading and wanted to knit for awhile. I ended up watching TV for awhile then got online for about 2 hours before I got tired at 11pm and went to bed.

I'm so confused why you are shocked that I listened to you about not waking Jennifer up anymore though. It isn't the first time I listened to you. I mean come on now... I do better by following the rules you gave me and by talking to you... I'm glad that I am starting to get more GG attention from you now though *smiles*