Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Spanking Videos so far!!!

My Daddy wasn't too happy to hear about my drinkng on Friday night and breaking some rules so since he couldn't get his hands on me he scolded me on the phone and ordered me to record a strapping for him :(

My sister BriannaCarter21 disciplines me for my recent behavior :(


I get into trouble for showing off to my boyfriend online when I think that my sister is sleeping :(


I earned myself 15 swats with my sister briannacarter21's black paddle because a few nights before she came to visit me I told her "Fuck you" a few times and she ended up cutting them and it came out to 15 so she got the ok from my Daddy to paddle me for it when she came to visit me.


If you are interested in buying any of the videos you see her in this post then head on over to Southern Moon!!!

Controversy grows over pro-spanking book after abuse deaths

Controversy grows over pro-spanking book after abuse deaths

Friday, September 30, 2011

3 years of spankings already???

Dang I can't believe that I got my first spanking ever on September 18, 2008!!!

I don't remember much about it because I was EXTREMLY nervous!!!

I do know that I enjoyed the spanking since it was just for fun and to let me see what a spanking was like *smiles* I'm still glad that R.E. talked me out of the discipline spanking as a first spanking, because I seriously don't think with my being how nervous I was that I could have handled it and would have most likely had a panic attack and scared R.E. :(

Thank you R.E. for my first ever spanking on September 18, 2008!!! I have learned so much about spanking since that day :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kidnapped... short story... TBC...

Here is a writing project for you to take on. Compose a short story about you and I meeting. After we have a chance to relieve our safety concerns, you agree to come over to my place where I offer you a cool drink of lemonade and you soon find that your drink was spiked with a fast acting sedative that renders you helpless.

When you regain consciousness, you find yourself secured to a bed, tied spread eagle on your belly so that your naked back and butt and thighs are exposed to the methodical spanking, whipping and caining that you're forced to endure. Let's not forget that butt plug you mentioned in your list of things that you're curious about experiencing.


It all started one day when someone contacted me wanting to meet up and play, so I got permission from my Daddy to talk to the guy and be able to scene with them. So, the first things that we had to talk about was our do's and dont's and I made sure to let him know that I'm against blood unless its needle play. I also made sure to let him know that there's no sex allowed and the last thing that came to mind was being allowed to have safe words when we played, so I go I want to have the safe word of "Fuck You". After he thought over all of the things that I brought up and read over my list of fetishes on the site we started talking to he agreed to them and said that he would be in touch so, we exchanged information and then went a few days with just talking online.

A few days later however, there was a knock on my front door while I was doing chores. I quietly went to see who was there since I wasn't expecting anyone and noticed that it was the person that my Daddy gave me permission to play with, so I opened the door and barely got out, "Heya, what are you doing here today?" before I felt my wrist be pulled towards him and a handcuff placed on it, then my other wrist was grabbed and recieved the other cuff, I blinked and whispered, "Wait I gotta get my keys and shoes on before you take me away to play," he nodded and waited for me to get what I need then helped me lock the door and escorted me out to where his car was parked in my front yard, he helped me into his car, buckled me in and shut the door, then walked around the car and got in himself, "How are you doing today little one?" He asked as he started driving towards his place. "I'm doing good, just confused with what's going on right now," I replied, he laughed, "Good, and no need to be confused, since you wanted to come play and you knew ahead of time that I could make most of the stuff on your fetish list a reality." I nodded, "Yes Sir I know, but still just a bit confused since I wasn't expecting it to happen today...," I trailed off as we pulled into his driveway and he unfastened the seatbelt that was on me, then got out and helped me out, escorting me inside and to the kitchen table, where he let me sitdown and he got me a glass of lemonaide to drink while he took off the handcuffs so that I could relax some as we talked about the safety information we agreed on a few days prior...

Next thing I knew I was waking up, naked, with my hands and ankles restarained on a bed, with a table of implements near by and him standing over me, "Well, nice to see your awake again, little one," he stated and picked up a strap and swatted me with it, "I was wondering when you were going to come around," another swat landed and I squirmed, "Ouch... what happened???" I asked, just before another swat landed, "I thought we were talking and I was drinking some lemonaide...," I trailed off and another swat landed, making me squirm and reply with, "Owiieess, did you drug me???" I whispered as a few more swats landed, and he laughed and replied, "Maybe, but all with good intentions to help add to our play," he landed a few more swats, making me squirm and voice a few 'ouch's' and 'ow's'...


From a few years ago... I need to update it soon though since I know things have changed since I've done this one...

Fill out the rating form below honestly.

Indicate in the right hand column, for each item how you feel about DOING that activity by rating it on a scale of NO or 1 to 5.
"?" means you don't understand what the item is attempting to describe.
NO means you will NOT do that item under any circumstances (a hard limit).
1 means you don't want to do or don't like to do this activity, but would do it if it was required of you.
2 means you are willing to do this activity, but it has no special appeal for you/you could care less.
3 means you usually and/or occasionally like doing this activity, at least on an irregular/occasional basis.
4 means you like doing this activity very much, and would like to experience it on a regular basis.
5 means the activity is a wild turn-on for you, and you would like it as often as possible.
Top of Form

Bottom of Form
Age Play 2 or 3
Animal Roles (e.g. human puppy dog) No

Cuckold No

Examinations (doctor-nurse play/medical scenes) 3 or 4

Family Play (e.g. Daddy/little girl) 3

Fantasy Abandonment ?
Fantasy R@pe No
Infantilism No
Interrogations 1
Kidnapping 4
Prison Scenes No

Prostitution (being sold to others) No

Pony play (e.g. pony girl) No
Religious Play (nun/priest/rabbi/alterboy-
girl) No
Anal Play/Anal Sex No
Anal Plugs/Beads No

Anal Plugs/Beads Outdoors (under clothes) No

Bestiality No
Brown Showers (scat) No

Camming (Online Webcam Internet) Sex No

Creampies No
Cyber (Online Internet) Sex No
Dildos 3
Double Penetration No
Fisting (anal) No
Fisting (vaginal) No
Food Play 2 or 3

Forced Heterosexuality (being used by friends) No

Forced Heterosexuality (being used by strangers) No

Forced Homosexuality (being used by friends) 3

Forced Homosexuality (being used by strangers) No

Gang Bang No
Genital Sex 3 or 4
Glory-Hole Sex No
Golden Showers No
Hand Jobs (giving) 2 or 3
Hand Jobs (receiving) 4 or 5
Head (giving cunnilingus) No
Head (giving fellatio) 2 or 3
Head (receiving) ?
Lactation (giving) No
Lactation (receiving) No

Licking (body homage with tongue) No

Menstruation (sex during) No
Oral-Anal Play (rimming) No
Phone Sex No
Sex (Heterosexual) 3 or 4
Sex (Homosexual) No
Sexual Deprivation Unsure
Strap-Ons (receiving) No
Strap-Ons (wearing/giving) No
Swapping No
Swinging No
Swallowing (cum) No
Talking Dirty (Talker) No
Talking Dirty (Talkee) 3
Tickling 3
Vibrators 3
Wrestling No
Collars (in public) 3

Erotic Dancing (for an audience) No

Exhibitionism/Flashing (friends) No
Exhibitionism/Flashing (strangers) No
Forced Masturbation 1
Forced Nudity (private) 3
Forced Nudity (around others) No or 1
Humiliation, Verbal (public) 4

Led by a leash (public) No

Modeling (for erotic photos) 3
Outdoor scenes/sex 2 or 3
Public Places Sex No
Skinny Dipping No
Slutty Clothing (public) No or 1
Voyeurism (watching others) 3

Voyeurism (watching your Dom/me with others) No

Video (watching porn) 5 for spanking videos
Video (recordings of you) 3

24/7 Total Power Exchange 3 or 4

Auctioning 2
Bathroom Use Control 1
Being Drugged No
Begging/Pleading 4 or 5
Boot Worship No
Chastity Belts No
Chauffeuring (driving) No
Chores (domestic service/housework) 2
Competitions (with other subs) 3
Enforced Chastity
Exercise (forced/required) 3 I exercise everyday anyways
Eye Contact Restrictions
Following Orders 4
Foot Worship No
Forced Bedwetting No
Forced Dressing 2
Forced Eating 2
Forced Smoking/Smoking Fetish No

Forced to Sleep not in Bed No

Given (Loaned) Away to another Dom/me 2

Hair Coloring 2
Hair Cutting 2
Hair Shaving (body/genitalia) 2
Hair Shaving (head) No
Hair Waxing (body/genitalia) No

Harems (serving with other subs) 2

Having Food Chosen for You 2

Having Clothing Chosen for You 2

High Heel worship No
Humiliation, Verbal (private) 3
Hypnotism 3
Initiation Rites 1 or 2
Kneeling 4
Lectures (for misbehavior) 5

Led by a leash (private) 3

Manicures (giving) 1
Massage (giving) 1
Orgasm control
Orgasm denial
Personality Modification 3 or 4
Piercing (permanent) No
Punishment 5
Scarification 5
Serving as Art 1
Serving as Ashtray No
Serving as Furniture No
Serving as Maid No
Serving as Toilet (feces) No
Serving as Toilet (urine) No
Serving as Waiter/Waitress No
Speech Restrictions No
Standing in the Corner 5
Tattooing 3
Being Bitten 3
Being Bled 3

Belts (being beat with one) 5

Branding 3
Breast Play/Torture 3
Breath Control/Asphyxiation/Suffocation NO

Bruises (marks on the body) 5

Caning 4
Catheterization (urethral) No
Choking No
Clothespins 3
Cock & Ball Torture
Crying 5 but it has never happened yet...
Cupping 3
Cutting 5
Dilation (urethral sounds)
Douching No
Electricity (violet wand) 1
Electricity (TENS unit) 1
Enemas No
Face Slapping 4
Fear (being scared) 3
Feathers 2
Flame/Fire Play 4
Floggers (getting a flogging) 4
Forced Vomiting/Gagging No
Gun Play ?
Hairbrush Spankings 5
Hair Pulling 4
Hot wax (candle wax) Curious about
Ice Cubes Not sure what this would be for
Injections/I.V. Lines No
Kicking 3 if its what I'm thinking
Knife Play 3
Nipple play/torture 3
Over-the-knee spankings 5

Pain (score as 1=little-to-none, up to, 5=a lot)

Piercing/Needles (play, temporary) 3
Pinching 3
Punching Unsure
Pussy Torture 3
Riding Crops Unsure
Scratching 3
Sensory Deprivation Unsure
Single Tail (Flogger) Unsure
Sleep Deprivation That would be easy since I hate sleeping 5
Spanking 5
Speculums ?
Spitting No
Swallowing (urine) No
Trampling No
Water torture No
Weights (on nipples/labia) No
Whipping 5
Wooden Paddles 5 even though I HATE paddles
Blindfolds 3 because I want to try it
Bondage (light) 3
Bondage (heavy) 3
Bondage (prolonged) 3

Cages/Confinement (locked inside of) Curious about

Chains 4
Closets (being restrained within) Unsure

Cuff Restraints (ankle and wrist) 3

Gags/Mouth Bits No or 1
Handcuffs/Shackles 3
Mummification ?
Saran Wrapping/Cling Film No
Shibari (Intricate Rope Bondage) Curious about
Sleepsacks ?
Stocks ?
Straight Jackets Unsure
Suspension 5 I would LOVE to do this!!!
Collars (in private) 3
Corsettes Unsure
Cross Dressing
Diapers (wearing) No

High Heel wearing (personal shoe/foot fetish) No

Hoods/Masks No

Journal from 2/16/10


I really am sorry for my tantrum on Monday.

My chores didn't get done before Noon today, but they did get done before 3:00pm *smiles*
I watched TV most of the day after I finished my chores, because I can't trust myself to not cuss
Jennifer out *sighs*

I thank you for talking to me some today, even though you didn't have good news for me *sighs*

I got to watch 2 hours of "American Idol" tonight *smiles*

So, I don't get completely out of control like I was before you were my Daddy/Dom I NEED to be able to try and
follow the rules that you gave to me still. Most likely not all of them cause no one to hold me accountable to them,
but I gotta do something so that I kinda behave *sighs*

Besides it could help me earn your trust back about working with me again if I follow the rules you gave me still *smiles*
So, I guess you should still expect to see my journals every morning before 10:00am *smiles*

Hope you have an AWESOME day today!!! Hope to talk to you again soon!!!


I went to bed around Midnight.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fearing Daddy's belt...

Why is it even though I LOVE the belt...ever since I met my Daddy for the first time last May I am AFRIDE of him using his belt on me??? gulps I mean I've only felt his belt twice, but I am afride of it... he didn't hurt me with it in the sense of making me fear it... I guess...ugh... I'm just confused on how come I LOVE the belt, but FEAR feeling my Daddy's belt on my bottom... sighs

I think I saved myself from more trouble with my Daddy today...

Wow...just about wrote myself another check with my Daddy that I don't need hanging over me sighs I am in sooo much trouble with my Daddy right now that I'm not supposed to talk to him UNTIL I know a date that I'm going to be going to see him on sighs Yet today I tried talking to him for awhile and then he called me out for it sighs Sooo not fair :( But I did good and stopped talking to him, because I don't need more trouble hanging over me with my Daddy right now :(

Friday, February 18, 2011

You know your in TROUBLE with your Daddy when...

...You've provoked him and lied to him and now he doesn't want to talk to you till your in person sighs :(

I messed up BIG time :( Why did I have to provoke and lie to my Daddy??? Is it because I really was testing him to see if he would give me a spanking to the point of fear???