Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Help find a fellow bloggers Son Who Ran Away 9/9/12 to #Spokane

Her 17 year old Son Nathan ‘Jay’ Walls has ran away. He left on Sunday (9/9/12) afternoon (at about 3pm) after an argument. He ‘runs away’ at least 2 times a week when he does not get his way. He goes to the local diner then comes home a couple hours later. Here we are two days later and no word from him.
He is 5’11 weighs about 200, tan skin, dark brown hair, and Dark brown eyes, He has a birth mark on his left arm that looks like a Nike Swoosh (the Nike Logo). He has a scar on his left arm as well from a fall last year, He has pimple scars on his shoulders. He has a black angry birds soft backpack.
He is Bi-Polar and PDD-NOS Not on medication.

Please help us find him and get the word out. By tweeting sharing on FB or what not. I added the hash tag for Spokane to help bring it to the attention to people there. If You see him please call the police or myself Tamara 509-995-0210

Origianl post from the blogger with the missing son can be found here!!!