Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Journal from 2/16/10


I really am sorry for my tantrum on Monday.

My chores didn't get done before Noon today, but they did get done before 3:00pm *smiles*
I watched TV most of the day after I finished my chores, because I can't trust myself to not cuss
Jennifer out *sighs*

I thank you for talking to me some today, even though you didn't have good news for me *sighs*

I got to watch 2 hours of "American Idol" tonight *smiles*

So, I don't get completely out of control like I was before you were my Daddy/Dom I NEED to be able to try and
follow the rules that you gave to me still. Most likely not all of them cause no one to hold me accountable to them,
but I gotta do something so that I kinda behave *sighs*

Besides it could help me earn your trust back about working with me again if I follow the rules you gave me still *smiles*
So, I guess you should still expect to see my journals every morning before 10:00am *smiles*

Hope you have an AWESOME day today!!! Hope to talk to you again soon!!!


I went to bed around Midnight.

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